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Fate of the North American Indians

            In North American history there was not nor could have been any way to change the fate of the Indians of North America. Due to the extreme population increases in America during the eighteenth century, the land of the great plains became useful not only as a home for white settlers but as agricultural tool to support the growing demands of cities in America. The great demands of the cities created a demand for land surrounding the cities to be used to support the cities and the land that was needed was primarily the ground of the North American buffalo. This land was also the home of the North American plains Indians, whose lives were centered upon the buffalo of North America.
             The great movement towards living in the city during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries caused some of the most rapid growth of population ever experienced in the world. Along with this growth of population came the need for many products, primarily agricultural products such as wheat and beef. In order to support these growing demands the farming industry of America was forced to expand along with the population of the cities and the population of America. The expansion of agriculture was inevitable and essential to support the growing demands and because of the great need for land in agriculture farms and ranches began to cover millions upon millions of acres of the plains land of North America.
             Thus, the booming agricultural industry of the 1800s began to take over the land of the North American buffalo. Herds of millions of buffalo roamed the Great Plains and they could potentially destroy crops or eat the grass that was needed for cattle ranching. The buffalo became a problem for farmers and ranchers as they moved deeper and deeper into the plains, as the buffalo problem grew farmers began to address this problem. They needed to stop to buffalo so they began to hire people to kill them. As buffalo hunting became more popular, million of buffalo were killed every year and their population began to significantly diminish.

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