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American Life 2

             The Native Americans were the original inhabitants of the New World. Many Natives traveled to The Great Plains and many migrated to the Northeast. When living on new lands, the Natives had to become accustomed to their surroundings. Many tribes used their environment to live and survive. Indians were know to become one with the Earth and its surroundings. .
             The Native Americans from the Great Plains area were very dependent of the buffalo, a very dominant animal in the region. The Indians from the Great Plains area relied on the buffalo for everyday survival. They used the skin for clothing and shelter, they used the meat for nourishment and the used everything else for utensils and things that were used everyday. The Indians from the Northeast used the plants from the environment for medicine. They had over 200 different types of plants to choose for medicines. They drank the natural water, that had not been polluted, to better their health and to help cleanse themselves as well as their foods.
             The Native Americans thought that culture was one of the most important parts of survival. In any area, the Indians" culture was the way to stay strong as people. The Blackfoot tribe, out of the area of the Great Plains, incorporates the beginning of their culture as the "Dog Days." Those were the days that they begun to hunt and set the rules that were to be followed throughout the tribe. In their culture the circle was the most important source of unity that could be shown. They used the circle for meetings, prayers, and rituals. Their rules and roles as individuals and as a tribe were very strict. The women in the tribe were equal to the men and their leaders had a position of responsibility rather than power. If someone did something wrong, they were beaten up and the next time they did something wrong they would be killed.

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