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Roles Of African Americans During World War 2

            To know that two opposing sides generate a war via alleged interests or views is highly important. However, if one should know the catastrophic effects during the war, this would be the underlying truth. This also holds to be true for African Americans during World War II. World War II was basically about one world superpower trying to dominate a continent, by any means necessary. America had just recovered from an economic depression and now World War II took Americans by surprise. Black Americans had no say in this matter especially in education, wartime affairs and efforts and businesses. In addition, during the wartime effort many Black Americans helped with the American efforts to win the war, but they are still treated poorly with prejudice. Consequently, Black Americans during that era still persevered. In this research paper, I will discuss what are the roles of African Americans during World War II. Furthermore, in this paper I will also examine three of the many prime examples (roles) for which African Americans portrayed during that era which are:.
             - African American soldiers.
             - Education for African Americans.
             - Blacks in America during World War II.
             Let's first examine the role of African Americans in the military during World War II.
             Roles of African American Soldiers.
             Dating back to African Americans first arriving to the new world, African Americans have been oppressed and treated poorly through slavery, lynching poverty and yes, even in wartime. From the Civil War up until World War II, African Americans fought with inadequate weaponry and in segregated units. "Initially as in World War I, they (Black soldiers) were assigned to non combat duties, in accordance with policy and tradition with the war department."1 African American soldiers during the 1930's and 40's not only struggled through adversity of justice and equality during civilian life, but also at the beginning of their respective draft days even during wartime.

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