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Dead Poets Society

             What's your destiny? Do you live life to the fullest? Do you let others make the decision for you? Well, we all think we know exactly what we want to be and how we are going to live. In reality, we have no idea what the outcome of our life is going to be. In the movie Dead Poets Society, Mr. Keating, a character, says "Carpe Deam", which means seize the day. At Wellington Academy, this is not the philosophy. "Tradition, excellence, discipline and honor" are the four pillars of the academy, which shall be obeyed at all times. Todd and Neal are two very important, but different characters. They learn from Mr. Keating and his teachings. Todd Anderson learns the most from his teachings than anyone. So, therefore, he is the main character.
             Mr. Keating was once a student at Wellington Academy. While in school, him and his friends had what they called The Dead Poets Society. This was when they all got together to read poetry as men. Later on in his years, he became a teacher at Wellington Academy. His favorite words were "Carpe Diem", which means seize the day. Whenever the boys (his students) thought about doing something, all he could say was seize the day. The person who followed Mr. Keating's sayings the most was Neil Perry. .
             Neil was the type of person who listened to his father and never did what he wanted to do. This is when Mr. Keating played the largest role of his life. Neil never realized what he was capable of doing until Mr. Keating came into his life. Neil figured out what he really wanted to do with his life and he realized it was acting. He tried out for the lead role of "Amid a Summers Nights Dream" and got the part. His father told him to drop the play because it wasn"t in his plans for his son. But, Neil did it anyways and ended up being the best. Shortly after he performed, Neil committed suicide. The person most affected by his death was Todd Anderson.
             Todd came into Wellington Academy not knowing anyone.

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