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             Writing has never been one of my finer points. My previous papers have always been returned to me full of corrections. I have always had trouble writing a paper that was "grammatically correct-. The papers were full of punctuation mistakes and had no variety in sentence structure. I took this class to gain experience in writing. My only other experience before this class has been an essay in other English classes or a dreaded research paper. I thought of writing as throwing my thoughts on paper, although this is somewhat true I learned there is much more to writing. Since the beginning of this semester I have grown as a writer.
             I enjoyed journal writing for many reasons. I have always been able to fill a page with words. I have never enjoyed including proper grammar and punctuation, and journal writing did not include these. I could write anything that would pop into my head whether it be a problem in life or something that had happened earlier that day. Journal writing was a good way to start me thinking and to teach me to write a page quickly. I thought of journal writing as a way to write "my- style without getting a grade on it or being told how wrong it is. .
             The magazine responses were also particularly easy essays for me to write. I have a strong opinion about almost everything, and writing it is easy for me to do. However after rereading my essay I realized I babble when writing my opinion. I repeated myself often; also I made many punctuation and grammar errors. Although it was easy to write "Smoking- my response to Sabrina F. Halls article "Lighting My Fire-. I would probably have received an "F- if it had been graded. This also helped me to learn how to write quickly and get my thoughts on paper, which I learned, in journal writing. .
             I did not enjoy writing the three smaller essays because I am not good at writing stories or narratives. The hardest part of writing my essay "The Anything but Boring Café-, was thinking of what to write about.

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