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             Was Absolutism the right way to govern a country? Some argue it was because of the order and security it provided for a country. Others argue that it wasn"t due to the lack of human rights and effectiveness. It was the way of life under the complete rule of one person; that person being the monarch. The ruler did not have to ask for permission to do what he or she wanted, even if it meant only benefiting him or herself. Absolutism, a pattern of failure.
             Although wars are what allowed the people of Europe to receive ports along the Black Sea; the wars were highly expensive economically and morally. Funding for wars cost way too much if you think about what will have to be repaired and cleaned up afterwards. Catherine the Great is the one who gave Russia the ports along the Black Sea. She was determined to expand west, which clashed with several other European countries and even removed Poland from the map.
             Absolutism is what helped modernize Europe; it is also what caused the rebellion and discontent of its people. The monarchy can only push its people so far before they revolt against the monarch. After a strong and powerful ruler passes on its power to its younger generation, the country declines. Power is passed on by blood not by who is best fit for the responsibility. A weak ruler will eventually lead to a not lasting and stable government for the country.
             There is too much government control under one ruler. Charles V was the most powerful monarch in Europe, but one ruler could not rule that many countries successfully. What was good for one country might not be good for another country. You need a government closer to what Montesquieu thought of with checks and balances and different levels of governments to run several countries successfully.
             Absolutism was a form of government that benefited the state; but was it truly moral if 98% of the country was ruled under fear by only 2% of the country? You were not allowed to question the ruler's authority no matter what.

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