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            Vatel is a movie based on true story. It is set in 1671 France under the reign of Louis XIV. King Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King, regulated the lives of his subjects to sustain stability in his kingdom. In Vatel absolutism is depicted throughout the movie. In order to impress the king, so that he has better chances of rising in status, the impoverished Prince de Conde must entertain and feed the king and his court. Prince de Conde must lose the card game to the king to gain financial support. Anne de Montausier has to astonish and please the king willingly to have an extravagant lifestyle.
             The movie starts of with the impoverished and ailing prince de Conde having to go into more debts in order to accommodate the king and his court. He looks forward to put on a lavish enough reception in hopes that King Louis XIV will reverse his fortunes by appointing him general of the troops that will fight against the contumelious Dutch.
             Prince de Conde wants to secure himself a position in the King's court so he willingly bets Vatel in card game. Knowing that winning against the king would hinder his chances of getting financial aid from the king, Prince de Conde claims that he has a "black queen" and lets the King win the card game. Even though he knew that he would lose his master steward. This is not surprising because the aristocrats relied heavily on the king to rise in status and to accumulate their wealth.
             Anne de Montausier is the King's favourite "lady in waiting". In other words she is the King's lover. If she is invited to the King's bed, she must willingly accept the offer. By sacrificing her body to the king she has the ability to lead a luxurious life in the court of the king.
             In conclusion the men and women of King Louis XIV's court had to please the king in any way possible to achieve their dreams. In the case of Anne de Montausier, being a woman in the 17th century did not open many roads.

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