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            Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin did a lot of awful things. They had their own group that carried out violent acts. They also were good orators or speakers. They gained their office through legal means. They also had their own political parties. However they also helped there country get through unemployment and famine.
             There were lots of "special polices" during this time. Benito Mussolini had the Blackshirts. They physically attacked political opponents in the streets in the streets and drove elected officials from office. Hitler had the Brownshirts. They forced German voters to vote for the Nazi party. He also had the Gestapo. They arrested the Jews and sent them to concentration camps. Stalin too had his own group. It was called the secret police. They spied on everyone in town to make sure no one was doing anything wrong.
             All of these men were good speakers or orators. When they held a meeting or rally, people could actually picture themselves been talking to by these men. They talked about the improvements they were going to make and that made people happy. They said what people wanted to hear. Like promises for employment and food. .
             These men didn't start from the top of the office. They all worked their way up. Hitler used his new powers to crush his opponents and consolidate his rule. For Mussolini, his march in Rome made him the Prime Minister because they feared the Fascist party. So King Emanuel III just made him Prime minister to call it quits. In 1922 Stalin came to power as secretary general of the Communist party. He exiled Trotsky and sent him somewhere so that he can kill him.
             All of these men had their own political parties. Mussolini had the Fascist, Hitler had the National Socialist or Nazi and Stalin had Communism. All of these men made their political party the only one because they wanted to come to power. They did this by using their own forces, killing people and even killing off the other political party.

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