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            Both leaders considered themselves the passage to recovery from the war. They both had visions of making their country strong and powerful again. Mussolini failed to win widespread support of his country. However, economic conditions worsened, thus it gave him a rapid popularity increase. This kind of response occurred with Hitler too. His Nazi party never had the amount of strength needed to rebuild after the war. However, after the stock market crash and the Great Depression, Hitler had a wide spread popularity in Germany. They thought Hitler would be a responsible leader. Both Mussolini and Hitler hated the Communists. Propaganda was a big tool for convincing the people in Italy and Germany that the government ideas were the best. They also burned books to control the amount of knowledge being passed to the people. Without any new type of knowledge, the people could only learn about Nazi ideology in Germany and Fascist ideology in Italy. .
             These two people had contrasts to their ideas also. Their policies were different from one another. Germany chose to makes Jews, Slavs, and gypsies inferior "races." The Fascist ideology in Italy abolished democracy and outlawed all political parties except for Mussolini's beliefs. He also added slogans like "Mussolini Is Always Right" to control the people. Nazis supervised the people that made the press, broadcasting, literature, drama, music, painting, and film. Hitler and Mussolini made lots of different strategies to weaken the people and give themselves more power. Only by looking at the despair and gloom in these governments can we be faithful for what our governments have today. .

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