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Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin

            After the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles was established. Germany was greatly affected by this because under the treaty, they were to follow some major changes financially, politically, militarily and territorially. Because of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany accepted the War Guilt Clause. They also were to pay for the damages caused by the war amounting to US $33 Billion. Aside from that they were only allowed to have 100 000 men in the army and were not allowed to have an air force. The manufacture, import and export of weapons and armaments were also prohibited. The Rhineland area was also to be demilitarized and they were to give up their territories to France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Because of how the treaty affected Germany greatly, this led to Hitler convinced Germany that he had the solutions to Germany's national problems.
             Hitler rejected the Principles of Liberalism such as Rule of Law, Individual Rights and Freedoms, Competition, Economic Freedom, Self-Interest and also Private Property (only in some cases). Hitler started to reject Liberalism when he was named Chancellor. Just a month after being named a Chancellor, the Reichstag building was set on fire. He used this to create fear and threat by blaming the Communists for setting the building on fire. He used propaganda to get the people's support, and this led to the passing of the Enabling Act banning all the parties except for the Nazi Party, allowing Hitler to pass laws without the Reichstag approval and removing the rights of people such as the freedom of speech, press, and assembly. Not only was the Enabling Act passed, but the Nazis also had control over media such as radio and press making it easy for them to portray Hitler and Nazism as the way for Germans to flourish and Communism as evil and posters showing the bad side of Communism pushed this through. These rejected Individual Rights and Freedoms as well as Self-Interest because people were not allowed to have their political party, their freedom of speech was taken away and they were not allowed to form assemblies.

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