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Criminal Justice

            There are many important factors in the criminal justice sequence in order for everything to run smoothly. It starts with citizens or victims reporting the crime to the proper authorities. Once the law enforcement has established the crime that has been committed, a suspect must then be identified and apprehended. After the arrest, the suspect is then presented to a prosecutor, who will decide if there are going to be charges filed with the courts or not. Then the suspect with appear in court for the pretrial so the judge can hear the case to see if there is any probable cause or not. Next is the adjudication, once and indictment has been filed the accused is scheduled for and arraignment, or in other words a plea to the charges. If there is a conviction, a sentenced is imposed, either by the judge or jury depending on the crime. After the criminal is incarcerated, they could get paroled after serving there sentenced amount of time, or because of good behavior. .
             After reading article one and chapter one from the text, it seems to me that there is many more differences then similarities. For example, in the article they don't really say much about criminal justice. Instead they just talk about the sequence of events that happens after a crime is committed. The article doesn't even mention anything about the back round or the concept of criminal justice. Which should be the most important part, its always helpful to know a little back round first. In the text they start in off with a very informative introduction of some history on the justice system. Also in the text they go into great detail about the three main components: law enforcement agencies, the court system, and the correctional system. Finally, they also forgot to talk about the three main branches: executive, legislative, and judiciary. .
             The similarities between the article and the text seem to be minimal. The book talks about the sequence of the system but not quite as in depth as the article.

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