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Health Care

            There are three things that need to be changed in the healthcare (Elderly, Adults and Children). We can start with free healthcare for all. We have elderly struggling to pay for their prescriptions with the high price of drugs. Adults do not get free healthcare until they are so indebt and suffering of a serious illness. Free healthcare for poverty children does exist but I truly believe that these programs are not good enough. The paperwork the long lines all this Red Tape is very discouraging. We also have our mentally ill locked up in jails, prisons and living in our street. .
             We are considered such a Great Country but yet we have children dieing in the waiting rooms of hospital because their parents did not have medical insurance nor did they have the money to pay for services upfront. The mentally ill are dieing on our streets. A transplant requires thousands of dollars and poor people do not have this kind of money. And if they do raise the money it maybe too late.
             It does not make any sense that illegal aliens can come in to our country and have free healthcare but our citizens are dieing. I am not saying that we should not give medical attentions to people that do not have US citizenship, what I am saying we as Americans should be the first to receive medical treatment and never be denied healthcare.
             I truly believe that there is a solution to our healthcare problems. Canada provides free healthcare for their citizens. I am not sure how this is funded possible by taxes. If so we pay enough taxes to fund our medical insurance issue.

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