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The Faces of A Woman

             Every woman wears many different faces, daughter, sister, lover, and mother. There are several other faces, but these are the ones most common. Each face is unique in its own way. In every woman these faces are present, sometimes even without "officially" being in the role. Look, and see if you can find yourself.
             The Daughter.
             From the moment of our birth we carry this title and face. Every girl that's born is a daughter to some, granddaughter to others. I say "daughter to some", because even at birth there can be more than the usual two parents. In the process of growing older, and friends being made, we may be "adopted" by other families. This may not be your real family, but a bond can be formed into a parent-daughter relationship. The mothers of several friends have adopted me. They treated me as a daughter and I respected them as a parent. This "adoption" method is present in many of the faces.
             The Sister.
             This face is acquired by one or more of your parents having another child. It doesn't matter if the other child is boy or girl; the face of the sister is there. The adoption method is also present here. After a time, close friends often claim the role of siblings. I don't know of anyone who hasn't had a relationship of this kind. There are other ways, also, of becoming sister. There are blood-sisters, sororities, and different scouting and social organizations. The list is endless. I personally have two friends, Mike and Jessica, which I claim as brother and sister. We have such a close bond that the title of friends doesn't accurately define our relationship. Eventually, every woman becomes a sister.
             The Lover.
             In this face I"m not just talking about the physical side of being a lover, though that could eventually happen. I"m speaking of the special relationship between two people that is made up of a romantic love. It is almost inevitable to find a special someone. Most times this face becomes evident around the forth or fifth grade; however it can come earlier.

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