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Woman and Body Image

            In past centuries, people believed that a woman had to present a perfect physical appearance. The focus was on outward beauty and hygiene. However, things have now changed, and the focus is on inner beauty. The modern society emphasizes on good morals and a pure heart. In addition, the modern woman in the modern American society has many social choices to make and more freedom than before. However, many women feel dissatisfied with their bodies when puberty starts. This dissatisfaction is observed from girls aged thirteen to women in their sixties.
             There are many transitions that take place when a woman is maturing and once she becomes aware, she starts being cautious about her body. Some of the issues that affect the woman's body and appearance include fashion, breast size, menstruation, body weight, and body complexion. Women develop body projects that help then adopt what they desire in their bodies and lose what they fell is not necessary. I have adopted many beliefs and attitudes towards many issues that touch on my body. At the on-set of my puberty age I started becoming attentive to what people said about me, I was also observant on the reactions.
             I was faced with many crises when growing up as a female adolescent. Society has many expectations for young girls; the elders expect us to be decent and have good morals and our age-mates have different expectations. However, adolescent girls feel that a physical appearance is more important that other beliefs. Whenever I had pimples on my face, I lost confidence and would avoid socialising with my friends to avoid statements that criticised my face. The media have played a major role in making girls feel that a smooth complexion is important. For example, commercial adverts that advertise beauty products portray women with spots and pimples as ugly; those with smooth faces are portrayed as beautiful. I didn't know that this was a marketing strategy and therefore whenever I developed skin infection I thought I was very ugly.

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