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Body Image In The Media

            The structure given to women of body image comes from the interaction with society, and society seems to set its principles consistent with the latest trends moving throughout popular culture, which are often defined through media interpretation. Children are open to the elements; they experience television as well as many other sources of media outputs throughout their lives, each of these items uphold the ideal body as an virtually mythical, unattainable image that they must attempt to imitate in order to be viewed as beautiful. In the advertisement business, the product, which is being sold, is shown as a tool to achieve perfection through its purchase. .
             Standards are set within the media to design an ideal image of feminine beauty, which then turns out to be subconsciously imprinted in every woman's psyche. "We must try to achieve the impossible, for without physical beauty, finding love and acceptance is hopeless; without physical perfection, we are worthless" (Psych of,Michelson, Pt. 1). With this mold of excellence, a struggle begins, a conflict between the ideal and the real. With this conflict in mind, they start to feel this need to fit this ultimate form of woman. This body image is predisposed in part by how thoroughly the real body adapts to the established norms within society. .
             "Body image is the ever-changing total of conscious and unconscious information, perceptions .
             and feelings about one's body as different and .
             apart from all others. It is a social creation, developed through reflected perceptions of the .
             surface of one's body, investments one makes in .
             parts or the whole of the body The body image is basic to identity and has been referred to as the somatic ego" (Psych of,Bard and Sutherland, Pt.4). .
             If dieting cannot create an image of perfection reflecting back in the mirror, then she will attempt to use severe means with the intention of molding her body into the image that has become the set standard in society.

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