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Antiseptics, from the Dawn of Time to Present Day

             The world would still be, for the most .
             part, completely disease ridden if not for these miracle .
             Antiseptic use can be traced back to nearly 500 .
             BC, where the Persians were the first to initiate the use of .
             chemical disinfections. In ancient days, drinkable water was .
             stored in copper pots in order to keep it sterile. Treatment .
             to wounds would also involve the application of wines and .
             vinegar to the exterior of the wound. In the Dark Ages, the .
             Arabs applied mercuric chloride to the injuries of the .
             wounded. Sterilization is also referred to in the Bible, in .
             the book of Leviticus. The peoples of that time were noted .
             for using heat to sterilize their food. (History of .
             Antiseptics, 1/10/03).
             The most gigantic leap in the advancement of .
             antiseptics, however, has occurred within the past five .
             centuries. This began with the work of Antoine Van .
             Leewenhoek, a Dutch microscopist. With his microscope, .
             Leewenhoek first observed microscopic life forms in the .
             1650's. Leewenhoek, however, did not realize that these .
             microscopic organisms could not spontaneously generate. .
             (Microbiology Lecture Notes, 1/10/03).
             Francesco Redi, performed an experiment in the early .
             18th century regarding spontaneous generation and disproved .
             it. This lead to a attempt to discredit his work, a campaign .
             spearheaded by Needham, a Welshman from the Royal Society of .
             Science in England. Needham also performed experiments .
             although they were poorly performed and thus were flawed. .
             This, however, led to the work of Louis Pasteur. .
             (Microbiology Lecture Notes, 1/10/03).
             Louis Pasteur, compelled to disprove the theory of .
             spontaneous generation, performed the "swan neck tube .
             experiment."" The broth was situated within the swan neck .
             tube and air was permitted access to the broth, however, .
             microbes were not permitted access to the broth. Louis .
             Pasteur had proven that the spontaneous generation theory .
             was incorrect. .
             "By the middle of the nineteenth century, post-.

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