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Before the Dawn

             Before The Dawn is an autobiography written by Mickey Block. This is the true story of Mickey Block, a Navy SEAL who fought in the Vietnam War. This is the story of his life, from his training, to his missions, to life after the war. .
             This book deals with the controversy of the Vietnam War, and the physical and physcological pain and suffering of Vietnam Vets. You read about what it was like in Nam and what went on there, as it is told from first hand experience. The author describes the true horror of what it was like during the war, and perhaps even worse, life after the war.
             The Vietnam War was a time of controversy, anger, sadness, and grieving, for our country. People were afraid to fight in the war because they were expecting to come home in a body bag and become another statistic. Young American teenagers were being thrown into the jungle only to be slaughtered by the enemy, who was at home in the dense forests. The Vietnam War was a war fought without rules. Innocent Vietnamese civilians were killed whether by accident or not. Women and children were forced to use themselves as human bombs to kill American soldiers. If they refused they would be sliced limb from limb by Viet Cong soldiers. No war is a good war, but this is as bad as they come. The war got the best of most soldiers. Many never made it out of the jungle alive, and if you did, maybe not in one piece. Everybody lost a piece of themselves in the jungles of Vietnam, be it literal or not. Although physical wounds will heal, the emotional scars will never fade. For some people, life after the war is worse than death itself.
             Before The Dawn addresses the controversy of sending American troops to the Vietnam War. Many Americans were against this because most soldiers died over there and they were not even fighting for our country. Every day, all across the country, people held protests against our involvement in the war. The time during the war was a very hostile time in America.

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