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            Yahoo! is changing to meet the needs and wants of its customers. Instead of depending on automation to generate its program, Yahoo! is constantly hiring real-life people to run and update their Web Browser. The directories are created by these live people, which provides a "personal feel" between the customers and the engineers at Yahoo!.
             Yahoo! maintains "a commitment to developing a better service", which in turn proves that they are aiming for long-term business success. As they constantly create and update better service than the rest, they are on the road to a long business life. The computer business is fast-paced and ever-changing, so as Yahoo! will continuously need to create and top the other services to keep up with the change in advanced technology.
             Revenues are the profits or monies which are being made by the company, and profit loss is the amount of money of the revenue lost after expenses by the business are paid.
             As of right now, Yahoo! is competing with major Internet companies such as AOL and Microsoft, which are very popular. Although it does not rake in as much profit as these companies, its popularity speaks for itself. Yahoo!'s popularity continues to rise, providing the company with an opportunity to become one of the largest Internet companies on the technological market.
             If Yahoo! were a person, he/she would probably be described as having a aggressive personality. Since Yahoo! is always changing to accommodate the needs and wants of its customers and bettering themselves in relation to the other services, the company as a person would be highly competitive and ever-changing. However, Yahoo! would probably make a good and useful friend!.
             Exploring who you are, whether you are a human or a business, is a never-ending process. One discovers new qualities, desires, and needs as they go through life and are engaged in new experiences and situations.

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