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             I am sitting here at my computer listening to the 80's channel from Radio Yahoo. One of my favorites starts playing, and I am wondering if conventional radio is quickly becoming outdated in broadcasting. It is not easy thing for me say. After all, I have listened to conventional radio for most of my life. Yet as time goes on, I wonder how long the tedium, split out by the many conventional radio stations, will continue to bring in the revenue that they need to survive. With conventional radio, a real DJ is on the air that actually picks some or all of the songs he or she played. The listeners can phone in and request their favorite song. Many of the requests that people phone in with conventional radio ever get played on the air. Some people are shifting to internet radio where they can hear only their favorite songs or type of music. It is simple to listen to internet radio it only being a few clicks of the mouse away. However, there are some drawbacks to listening to music on the internet such as ad's or interruptions because of lost connection or not having an internet connection to begin with. Nevertheless, the commercial radio stations know that they cannot please everyone, so they cater to a small slice of the listeners. Many people are turning to internet radio where they can take control over what they listen to when it comes to the music that they like. .

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