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Newspaper analyses

             The "Electoral Fraud" had appears in most of the newspapers in Australia. Pauline Hanson was found guilty by committing electoral fraud in the register the One Nation Party. I have chosen newspapers as a medium to analyse the event "Electoral fraud" from the Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun and The Australian all published on Friday, August 22nd, 2003.
             In comparison the similarity and the difference of the newspapers story in term of style/layout, language and the used of images are:.
             -They are similar in term of presenting the lead story on the same day of their front page; bold headline, caption, story box, inside pages. Front page is considered major selling point of newspaper. They attract reader to buy and read the whole story.
             - Newspapers focus more on the language of journalism. It depends on what type of audiences, for example the Daily Telegraph more likely for general reader and local people, the Sydney Morning Herald is more for people with proficient English and the Australian is more for business, university and academic people.
             - They all used images related to the events however the photographs might be shot from different sides/angles. For example: The Daily Tele (Pauline Hanson's daughters cried; The Sydney Morning Herald (Hanson's family); The Australian (Hanson in court).
             Because newspaper expressed information through linguistic that means reader takes time to interpret the depth of the meaning, it also depends on the use of the language of these newspapers. With the same events each paper reported different perspectives, some time they can be biased. The three newspapers all have editorial section which contains the following characteristics:.
             • Editorials- written by individuals, who present the opinion of the newspaper with the consensus of the editorial board members. .
             • Letters to the editor (public opinion, support or against).
             • Editorial cartoon is statements about current events.

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