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Police Advertisement Analysis

            What is the purpose of advertising? To sell? To recruit? To inform? These all vary, depending on what advertisers want to promote; a car, to join the army, to watch an upcoming film. The amount of different advertisements are endless and they become part of our daily lives. Everywhere we walk, whether it's down a street, or out and about school, we are bound to see advertising campaigns, even if sometimes we don't realise it.
             In advertising there are huge sums of money involved, especially when broadcasting on television. The advertisers use highly persuasive texts to persuade the reader/watcher. Advertisers also use various techniques to draw the people in and make the advertisement interesting, maybe use various colours to make the advertisement eye-catching and a celebrity to get their message across - increasing on the personal appeal.
             Television advertisements also use these techniques as well as some others with the aid of audio and moving pictures. Television advertisements are more direct as most of the time you see someone talking directly to you. They are also effective because more people watch television than read, they are easier and quicker to watch than to read, and the use of sound and audio techniques makes "text" more easily accessible and a lot more interesting using this and lighting effects, animations, etc.
             Our task was to analyse two advertisements published for the police, one a written advertisement the other a television advertisement. Their purpose for advertising is to recruit people to join the police as the force is in a minority and needs more policemen and women. Firstly, I am going to analyse the written advertisement found in a newspaper or magazine.
             The layout of this advertisement is fairly straight forward. The headline is situated at the top, then the image is in the centre and the text is near the bottom just underneath the image, making the advertisement clear, simple, and easy to read and follow, and is in a typical newspaper layout.

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