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Anti-Cell Phones

             In the best interests of society, cell phone usage should be restricted to certain times and places. As with cell phones and many other things, there are advantages and disadvantages and solutions. We should look at little closer at these details in order to further understand them and their impact.
             There are many scenarios where having a cell phone makes things a lot easier, big and small. One of the best uses of a cell phone in recent months is a program which helps find missing people by sending a text message to all nearby cell phones with important information about the missing person. If by chance your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere a cell phone might be your only hope, it can also be your only chance of survival in case that place your stranded in happens to be the desert. It can also save people's lives by calling in emergency help where phones are out of service or not in close proximity of the location. On a lesser note it can help people stay together in malls and other crowded places. You can call someone to remind them about something they"re bound to forget and as the technology becomes available you can even send video through cell phones.
             On the other hand, cell phones do have their negatives. The most notable being talking on a cell phone while driving. It has been proven that many accidents have been caused while talking on a cell phone, laws have even been passed making it illegal in certain places. Hospitals have prohibited the use of cell within the premises, especially within imaging areas like x-rays, ultrasound etc. A place where cell phones are totally hated is professional theatre. I've even read that on one occasion, they stopped the whole production until someone's cell phone stopped ringing. Another place where cell phone interruptions are fairly common is in school. I haven't gone more then 3 days without a cell phone going off in one my classes.

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