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             There is no doubt that cell phones have had an impact on society, both good and bad. The possibilities of the usefulness in carrying a cellular phone are nearly endless - solving problems ranging anywhere from car problems to a heart attack. On the flip side, however, misuse of cell phones (for example, use in cars) has been around as long as the cell phone itself. .
             This sub-section of the site aims to answer the question hanging over this article, namely, "How have cell phones changed society?" There may not be one definite answer, but the following articles are attempts to identify several of these changes.
             Fifteen years ago, cell phones were a rarity. Head executives of the largest companies possibly had one cell phone, maybe a pager, but generally the concept of mobile telephony was way over many peoples' heads at the time. Work was conducted via normal telephones. Even on airplanes, phones had yet to emerge. An executive on a business trip could not receive any type of information while he or she was traveling. A CEO of a small company on a lunch break could probably not be contacted. It was, to some extent, the Stone Age of business. .
             Fast forward to recent days. Every executive and many workers carry a cell phone, a beeper/pager, or both. Businesspeople can be contacted any time, at any place, and can return these calls with ease. It is not uncommon to see scores of people in business suits speaking into their various types of cell phones, almost every different kind imaginable. Cell phones have seemingly made work more possible and efficient, if only by the ability to send and receive calls on the road. Unfortunately, cell phones are a double-edged sword, and efficiency has a price. Most businesspeople end up doing more work as a result of cell phones; because they can receive calls at any time, on the previous few days off, executives are working just as hard as they do on workdays, whether it is to finish a last-minute project or prepare for a new one.

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