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Federalism and the American System of Government

            Federalism is, according to the Miriam Webster dictionary, the distribution of power in an organization (as a government) between a central authority and the constituent units. This is a system of government that by definition is supposed to separate the government into two or more levels therefore ensuring that no one power may become powerful enough to infringe on the rights and privileges of it's people. It is supposed to prevent dictatorship, anarchy and tyranny in government. It in principle emphasizes fairness and equality and par opportunity to all, however in practice the same does not always hold true. Is this system of government prone to tyranny; is it truly elitist? That is what this paper seeks to uncover.
             In the federal system authority is divided, usually by written constitution, between a central government and regional or sub-divisional governments. It is a way of organizing a nation such that twp or more levels of government have and exercise formal authority over the same area and people. Other nations that have this form of government are Australia, Canada, Mexico, India, and Brazil etc.
             Elitism, what is it. Whereas plurality emphasizes the majority, elitism favors the few, the rich, the high in society, the elites. The elites are the upper socioeconomic classes that control political and economic affairs. Elitism is derived from the elite theory, which has it that society is ruled by a small number of people who exercise power in their self-interest. It's more exclusive rather than inclusive.
             From the birth of federalism in America during the formulation of the new constitution at the Philadelphia convention, elitism has shown itself. Anti-federalists said the new constitution was a class-based document intended to ensure that a particular economic elite controlled the public policies of the national government.
             An anti-federalist under the alias "Cornelius" said, "Thus, I conceive, a foundation is laid for throwing the whole power of the federal government into the hands of those who are in the mercantile interest; and for the landed, which is the great interest of this country to lie unrepresented, forlorn and without hope.

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