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Federalism in US

            Federal system in the United States of America: its origins. Evaluation of federal system to its efficiency and contribution to the democratic governance.
             I think to write about federalism will be reasonable to know what federalism is. Federalism is the system in which a constitution divides powers between the national government and state governments so that neither level of government derives its powers from the other level".
             There is to be several important features to be defined as a federal system of governance: .
             u There must be more than one level of government on the same citizens and on the same territory. .
             u Each government must have it's own authority and sphere of power.
             u State government can not abolish the acts of the federal and wise verse . .
             I n my opinion American political system conforms to all these features:.
             u American system composed of national government and governments of 50 states.
             u The Constitution of the United States establishes certain powers to be shared between state and national governments.
             u State governments can not abolish national government.
             I believe that the guestion of American federalism originates from the ratification of the Constitution. By the moment of Constitution ratification in Confederation became more acute the problems of slavery between north and south, economic chaos, absence of strong efficient government , that could rule the states. Articles of Confederation was not effective document that could manage whit all this problems. It limited national government, had no tax power, little means to enforce it's decisions.
             Federalist's put forward the idea of much stronger central government. In 1787 drafted the new Constitution. New Constitution presumed the creation of government branches-executive, judicial and legislative. Besides the Constitution provides the supremacy of federal laws, recognition of state powers and the power of the people.

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