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A Comparison of Pre--Revolutionary Situations

             This essay will be an attempt to line out the differences and similarities of the pre-revolutionary time, considering also the impact they had on each other, on the subjects of economy, revolutionary thought, social and political structure in the countries where the revolutions took place. My studies concentrated almost entirely on the factors of this subjects that had an impact or were leading to the revolutions, and so this work will contain only examples and material that I selected and thought would be of interest in this aspect. As it is a selection there can be of course more material on this subjects found, but I think that they don't contain any completely new information that would lead to a different picture.
             When I talk about the pre-Revolutionary time that means the time before the revolutionary act. In England that revolutionary act was the abdication of the king by the reinstalled parliament of Charles II in 1688, in America the Declaration of Independence in 1776, in France the declaration of the Third Estate to be the National Assembly in June 1789 and in Ireland the rising in 1798.
             The most significant similarity is certainly the intention to change something. The reasons for these intentions are various and complex but can probably summed up best as dissatisfaction with the present situation and the form or kind of government. What follows in all four of these revolutions is the articulation of these dissatisfactions, what makes them a topic and defines them as problems which infer the necessity to be solved in one way or the other. Another circumstance they all have in common is that they at least all started under a monarchic hierarchic system of government. .
             There, as I see it, the similarities all four revolutions have in common are at an end. Of course there are some intentions, actions taken and steps leading to the rising shared by two or even three revolutions, but some are unique among those and can be found in only in one of them.

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