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Workin It Out

            It is hard to discern what is the driving force behind the choice that committs one to a life of crime. I say that people have a choice, regardless of factors that influence their decision. The environment we live in helps to shape who we become as adults, but it is not concrete or set in stone. People can change only when they are willing to change their behavior, or when they realize that a problem exists.
             Ever since Margaret was a little girl, she had wanted to be a nurse, however, low self esteem as well as concept, had kept her from obtaining her goal. Instead she had chosen a life of prostitution, crime and drugs. Most of the choices she made, were a direct result of her actions, and not the actions of others. Her environment was not that great as a child. Her father was an alcoholic, her mother was an overbearing women and her brothers were abusive and finally her sisters were addicts. She married at an early age, and was divorced before she had turned 25. She did not have children, nor did she have the capabilities of caring for any. She was in and out of institutions as well as in and out of jails. She could barely hold a job.
             She started doing tricks at twenty one and began stealing from her tricks. She started having relationships with women, claiming they did not or could not hurt you like men could. She reminded herself that she had a problem but was not willing to over come that problem. She was not capable of being integrated into society.
             As a result, I feel that the American people should not pick up the slack for people who refuse to help themselves. Just because you had come from a life of crime or an abusive relationship, does not give you the right to go and hurt others. I feel that Margaret should have been placed into a program that would help her. I do not believe she is incapable of help. I have had a terrible childhood experience, instead of choosing a life of crime, I have chosen to make something of myself.

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