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Youse Member Niger

            Exploitation of slavery was a big thing among rich people in the past. White people go to Africa to exploit Africans of different age and sex to America for slavery. Out of the slaves that were brought over to America, some of them would die and some would survive during their boat ride to downtown New York at Wall Street where they would be sold to their masters. The master would bought them in New York and take them to the South to work for them in their farm. There are two different types of slaves, domestic and field slaves. .
             Domestic slaves were the one that work inside the house, while the field slaves work outside in the farm. The domestic slaves are mostly females, but most slaves would like to be a domestic one. The get to work inside the house with their master and their master's family to help cook, clean and do all the house chores. They also get to have on clean clothes so they can look half decent to stay indoor with their master's family and guest that come around sometimes. Field slaves do all the farm work. These slaves seem to be the one that suffer the most because they are outdoor all the time in the field in all kind of weather.
             In the story "Member Youse a Nigger" emphasized on being a slave by the way the master in this story set his slave, John, free. There was a slave name Ole John. His master's name was Ole Massa. The master had a wife, Ole Missy and two children. One day, the two children were in the lake on a boat and they lost their oars and were about to turn over when John was "workin" in de field and he had seen the children out on de lake in a boat, just a hollerin"." Massa and his wife followed the shore to find their children and neither one of them want to jumped in the lake. John had to jumped in the lake and saved the children since he was the slave and he had no choice to jumped in or not since the parent chose not to do so; "John pulled off his shoes to jumped in and swum out and got in de boat wid de children and brought "em to shore.

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