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One of a Kind

             In January 2000, my father notified the family that we would be moving to Dallas, Texas in June 2000, after the school year had finished. He decided to change his plans and we moved on April 1st 2000. Never did I imagine I would love the move since I was leaving behind all my other relatives and friends. That all changed when I met Catherine. She made me realize that I have to move on to new friends and a new life. She was part of my new life and I have enjoyed every part of it.
             We met when her family was in the process of moving into a new house in Cedar Brook Estates and my family was looking at our house in the process of being built. At first we were both shy around each other because we had the opposite image of what we really were. We still managed to be just acquaintances but then after awhile we started becoming better friends and we finally were inseparable. We joke around and say that we are each others novia (Spanish word for girlfriend) as if we were in a relationship because we never get tired of each other and are always together. Some say we are like Bonnie and Clyde, Tarzan and Jane, or Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse but we like to think of it as just best friends together forever.
             Katie is sixteen years old and is a high school student in Mesquite, Texas at High School. Her father, Marcos, is of Mexican decent and her mother, Beverly, is Irish. Her only brother, Mark, is a third grade student at B.J. Smith Elementary. She has half brothers and sisters from her father's first marriage whom she keeps close ties with. Those half siblings have children of their own making Katie a happy aunt with her nieces and nephews. She is a short girl standing only 4"9 in height and weighs approximately 110 pounds. Her skin color has a light complexion and is as soft as a baby's bottom from all the Bath and Body Works coconut lotion she uses. One would say that Katie is a walking skeleton with a little belly from drinking too much soda and frequently eating.

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