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Two Kinds

             “Two Kinds” is a fictional short story written by Amy Tan that tells of the trials and tribulations that a young girl and her mother experience when the girl feels that her mother is pushing her too hard to become a child prodigy. In the beginning of the story, Amy Tan provides the audience with just enough insight into the character Jing-mei in order for the audience to determine a few character traits that combine to make up Jing-mei’s personality, which evolves throughout the course of the story.
             Jing-mei has three prominent character traits that make up her strong–willed personality, and these traits are stubbornness, independence, and determination. The combinations of these three character traits are what aid in creating conflict in the story. Jing-mei’s independence plays a major role in making up her personality. Jing-mei’s mother wants her to be successful by being a child prodigy and Jing-mei does not feel that she needs her mother’s help. Jing-mei feels that she can be successful through her own efforts, hard work, and determination. This is the reason why Jing-mei does not put her all into whatever activities that her mother selects for her to participate in. On page 97, paragraph 3, Jing-mei states, “So now on nights when my mother presented her tests, I performed listlessly.’’ This statement is an example of how Jing-mei reacts to her mother’s efforts.
             Another character trait of Jing-mei’s which is probably the most significant is her pride. Jing-mei’s pride drives her to refuse to subject herself to being dictated by her mother. Throughout the story whenever Jing-mei’s mother makes a suggestion, Jing-mei goes out of her way to contradict or oppose her mother. This is an example of the immense amount of pride that Jing-mei possesses. Jing-mei lets her pride stand between herself and her mother.

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