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Two Kinds

            In America you can be very successful in life with the right education and role model. Other countries dream of coming to America because of the abundant opportunity. In America you have the chance to do almost anything whereas in other countries you are limited by freedom, finance, and religion. Amy's mother emigrated from China in 1949 after losing everything; her husband, a set of twins, her mother and father. "Two Kinds" was a story about an emigrant mother who had many struggles in her country and came to America to live her dream but learned that you cannot force your dreams upon someone else. Her mother reason for choosing to come to America was opportunity. America was the promise land and all you have to do is apply yourself. The story "Two Kinds" shows a relationship between a mother and daughter who have different opinions about success. The mother felt her daughter should be her prodigy and the daughter felt you should be the best that you can be and not necessarily a prodigy. .
             In short her mother was determined to make something of her new life in America. She decided to live her dreams of America through her daughter. She said she would make her daughter a prodigy or a genius. Through out the year she pushes her daughter through numerous competition and performances. First she wanted her daughter to be like Shirley Temple. She took her daughter to the beauty salon to get her hair done but it became a disaster. The student at the beauty school had messed her hair up so much that she had to cut her hair short and people teased her because she looked like Peter Pan. Next she wanted her daughter to be remembered as an amazing child from the book "Ripley's Believe It or Not". Than it was the piano lessons, her mother exchanged cleaning services so that her daughter could receive lessons. Her mother got the idea from the "Ed Sullivan" show when she saw this little Chinese girl playing the piano.

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