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Two Kinds

             In the story, "Two Kinds," by Amy Tan, a young Chinese American woman lives in San Francisco with her emigrant parents. Jing mei is a vengeful independent individual who is torn between two cultures. .
             Jing mei resents her mother's constant pressures and therefore uses revenge to make her feel she has control over her own life. She becomes defiant as a way of getting even. At first refuses put forth a solid effort towards her mother's dreams. "I performed listlessly, my head propped on one arm. I pretended to be bored and I was" (717). Taking advantage of the deaf piano teacher was another act of defiance. Since he is unable to hear her mistakes, he is not able to track her progress. "If I hit the wrong notes because I hadn't practiced enough, I never corrected myself" (719). Jing mei becomes very angry when her mother brags about her music progress. She realizes revenge is the only way to get her mothers attention. "And right then, I was determined to put a stop to her foolish pride" (720). She resents being forced to compete with Waverly. Jing mei despises Waverly to a point of developing vengeful thoughts. "And if I hadn't felt so bad, I would have pulled her braids and punched her stomach" (721). Jing mei's mother was embarrassed when she was subjected to the disappointing piano recital. Jing mei felt bad, but she knew her failure was deliberate. Her biggest act of revenge came when she shouted "Then I wish I"d never been born! I wish I were dead! Like them" (722). Although she meant to hurt her mom with these words, at the time she did not understand the depth of the wound. .
             Jing mei's constant disobedience to her mother shows her independent character trait. After letting her mother down so many times, something inside Jing mei begins to die. Her failures force her to take a close look inside herself. She finds a powerful girl who will no longer allow her mom to control her life. "I won't let her change me, I promised myself, I won't be what I"m not" (717).

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