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Two Kinds

             Amy Tan's Two Kinds essay is about a Chinese mother who immigrated to America after losing everyone, and everything that she had knew back in China, to start a new life. The entire essay focuses on the mother and daughters" relationship with each other. Throughout the essay the mother tries to make her daughter become a prodigy in some way or another, scolding her and pushing her every time she has a new idea for her. For example making her daughter watch Shirley Temple movies, and forcing her to cut her hair like Shirley Temple so she can be the next little actress. The mom even traded housekeeping services for weekly piano lessons, and a piano for her to practice on every day. After all of these tests and tries the daughter gets fed up and starts to feel pressured and does not try at all to please her mother, like for example at the talent show when she embarrassed herself when she kept on messing up. .
             I feel that the mother was just trying to give her daughter the chance that she never was able to get, which was the ability to try new things and try to follow a dream, and maybe become famous. I think the daughter was stubborn and was not appreciative enough of her mother, because not that many children, especially minority children, got the opportunity to expand there horizon to find themselves. I also feel that the mother .
             should have approached everything differently, and try not to push her daughter as hard as she did. .
             I feel the theme of this essay by Amy Tan was about identity. Everyone goes through their life trying to find out who they really are. For example finding there own persona through there surroundings, or maybe finding themselves through there culture. In reference to Amy Tan's essay, the mother was trying to make her daughter's identity telling her what she should or should not do by making her try all of these talents. It is okay to try to suggest something to a child, but to force a view on somebody just makes them rebel and not obey.

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