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My Hero

             My hero was a high school drop out; he could not speak fluently until he was nine years old; his parents feared he was mentally handicapped; and he was the greatest genius of science. Who is this science genius? My hero Albert Einstein.
             When Albert was four years old and sick in bed, Albert's father gave him a compass. Albert practiced turning the compass every which way. Soon becoming fascinated by the new toy, no matter which way he turned it, the needle would always point in the same direction, and much in the way of Einstein's genius and fascination with nature, pointed him toward a life of scientific discovery. When I go to college I hope to achieve a doctorate in Chemistry, and I hope to be the "Einstein of Chemistry-.
             Einstein's mother introduced him to music, and he became a superb violinist. My mother also introduced me to music, and I am a fairly good singer. Einstein also excelled in mathematics; by age 11 he was studying Physics at a university level. I am currently taking accelerated chemistry and at a young age I was reading about chemistry, other sciences, and literature.
             Albert was born in Ulm, Germany in 1905. Several of my family members came from Germany, some even from Ulm! Einstein was shy and quiet. When I first meet someone in person I am very shy and quiet. However, after a while I get to be quite loud. .
             Einstein was an independent thinker and he did not like the regimentation of the German school system. I am also an independent thinker and I very much dislike some of the ideas of our school system. Albert and I share the same feeling about school though, believing that they are barracks and the teachers are just like the military officers.
             Einstein had trouble finding a job in Switzerland, mainly because of the pervasive anti-Semitism in all of Europe at the time. Even though it was hard to find a job he still tried and he succeeded, which is something I look up to.

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