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Kingdom of Matthais

             The Kingdom of Matthias: A Story of Sex and Salvation in 19th Century America was written by Paul E. The book captures many realistic events that occurred during the early 19th century. Including one man's story, Robert Mathews, in which this book focuses most of its attention on. I found myself more interested in this book than I had expected. To really learn and understand the way of life at that time was fascinating. I will further describe this book in the following paragraphs.
             During the time of Elijah Pierson and Robert Mathews, America was going through a tremendous change. This change we know to be the market revolution. It was a time when people began investing their money and stared new businesses that would jump-start the economy. People looked to themselves for truth and acceptance. Some would succeed while others would fail. The latter would be Robert Mathew's fate. He would never succeed much when it came to business. Although he was a carpenter he could rarely keep a job because Mathews would lecture his workmates with the graces of God. Telling them not to drink and to become one with the Lord. Elijah Pierson, however, was a successful businessman. He owned a supply company on Pearl St. in downtown New York City, the richest spot in trade. Aside from their personal lives, these two men never stopped searching for their purpose on Earth. Like many people of their time, they yearned to understand truth and meaning. Something they would never really find.
             As I previously mentioned, religion was a crucial subject in the early 19th century. People were trying to find their place with the Lord and would sample churches until they found one that suited their needs. The people of America were taking advantage of their religious freedom, which no other country offered. They had no instructions to follow yet had endless options to chose from. So one can imagine the chaos this might create.

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