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Teenagers and Sexual Prevention

             Do teenagers have sexual intercourse? Yes, it is indeed a known fact that teenagers are sexually active. Teens are a targeted age for viewing shows on television that promote sex. These shows portray an image that having sex makes you fit in. There are many pressures that teens are faced with, and unfortunately sex is one of them. Teens need to know the facts about sex, where to get contraceptives, what contraceptives to buy, and how to use the contraceptives. Parents, the community, and teenagers themselves are all responsible for this information. Although teenagers need access to contraceptives, the availability of contraceptives is not among all teens. Many sexually active teenagers may not feel comfortable talking about this issue with their parents and therefore need to get contraceptives from somewhere else. This inevitably causes a problem for those teens and shows that they may be using unprotected sex. I feel that contraceptives should be made more available to teenagers. Teens can obtain contraceptives at different clinics, however not all places in which teens live are there these places. This would help teens to perform safe sex, stay away from the risk of STD's, and not risk unwanted pregnancies.
             Many who cannot receive the right contraceptives resort to practicing unprotected sex. Unprotected sex is practiced by all ages but it is more likely among teens. It is .
             much more likely because they have little knowledge or ability to obtain contraceptives. It is a fact that, "About half of all high school students have had sex at least once" (Casey). At this rate, many who have had sex in their teens have put themselves in high risk situations. Of these teens, some may have not used contraceptives. Many sexually active teens cannot reach contraceptives because they do not have clinics where they live or in reach to them. This is a problem because, "Researchers have suggested that about half of teenagers do not use contraceptives the first time they have sexual relations" (Wiltrout 13).

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