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Teenagers And Sexual Activity

             Sexual activity is common among teenagers.
             world teenagers live in today, teenagers not only put their.
             lives but their safety in jeopardy, by having sex. This has.
             become one of society's problems, because of how the drastic.
             consequences are effecting so many teenagers. .
             I. Informing teenagers about sex.
             A. Magazines.
             B. Schools.
             1. Sex education.
             2. Study conducted.
             C. Health clinics.
             D. 1-800-numbers .
             II. Various types of sex .
             A. Survival intercourse.
             B. Abusive intercourse.
             C. Recreational intercourse.
             D. Comfort intercourse.
             E. Adult-teen sex.
             1. Poll .
             2. Statutory rape.
             F. Teen Marriage.
             G. Cohabitation.
             III. Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
             A. Teenager's invincible perceptions.
             B. HIV and AIDS.
             1. Statistics on street youth.
             2. New Mexico AIDS statistics.
             C. Dr. Diane Goade.
             D. Center for Disease Control (CDC).
             E. Hepatitis B.
             F. Gonorrhea.
             G. Genital warts.
             H. Gay and Bisexual Teenagers.
             IV. Change of times and views about teenager sex.
             A. In the past.
             B. In the present.
             V. Statistical information.
             A. Teen pregnancy.
             B. Intercourse among teens.
             C. Younger teenagers.
             D. Society's acceptance.
             Teenagers have changed sexuality and have given it a new.
             category of it's own. The increase of disease and the.
             increase of sexual activity is effecting younger and younger.
             victims. This increase looks pretty constant. If this.
             continues and a solution to decrease or contain the sexual.
             activity is not found or created, this could not only create.
             and even bigger threat to society, but put a damper, on.
             society, that could be irreversible.
             Teenage Sexual Activity.
             Sexual activity is common among teenagers. In the.
             dangerous world teenagers live in today, they not only put.
             their safety but their lives in jeopardy, by having sex. .
             This is a major problem in society because of the drastic.
             consequences and how they are effecting so many teenagers.
             Teenagers need to be informed and educated about sex,.
             to protect themselves. Magazines have tried to take a role.
             in this. The majority of those magazines are teen magazines.

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