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             Teenagers all over the world are experimenting sexual activities more than ever before. Adolescents are surrounded by sex all the time. They hear about it on the radio, television, internet, friends and school. Teens see the affects of sex on our society. But teenagers are not that well aware of the possible consequences.
             The period of puberty for most adolescents occurs between the ages of 10 to 14. The period of puberty can vary depending on the health problems and emotional and physical stress. Adolescents start to experiment with the opposite sex by touching, kissing and other forms of sexual expression. Women are capable of becoming pregnant as soon as puberty begins. Teens also watch a lot of television and listen to more music developing their personalities. On screen the actors and actresses make sex look easy. They also send out the message that it is fun and glamorous. It appears to be something everyone is doing. On television shows, sex is usually the major topic of the entire show (ex: "Sex in the city"). Whether it is guys and girls, guys and guys or girls and girls the sex act is a huge conflict. Some movies portray sex as a game. The movie could be rated 18+, but it doesn't stop teenagers from watching them. Those types of movies are not meant for a young audience. Those same teenagers that are used seeing sex on screen portrayed as fun might often be the ones that get pregnant before reaching an adult age. Teenage pregnancy happens so often that people hardly see it as a negative affect on our society. We are spending much more tax money on public assistance, child health care and foster care. Rather than deal with a pregnancy, more teenagers seem to be trying to prevent pregnancies. Teenagers are learning to better use contraceptives and are using them more frequently than before. Other teens are aware of the contraceptives available, but they just choose not to use them. Others rather not talk to their partners about birth control or contraceptives.

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