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Alexander the great

            When Alexander was a teenager he was a student of the great philosopher Aristotle. Aristotle taught Alexander grammar, literature, politics, the natural sciences, and rhetoric (the art of using words well and effectively). Alexander was inspired with a love for literature by Aristotle. Alexander took part in sports and daily activities to develop a strong body. .
             Alexander had another teacher, Leonidas, who was hired by Phillip II to train and discipline Alexander's body. Alexander was sent on all night marches. Alexander's schooling continued with his two teachers until age sixteen. .
             When Alexander was sixteen, his father king Phillip II went away to a military campaign leaving Alexander temporarily in charge of the kingdom. When his father was away the people of Thrace started a rebellion. Alexander found out about this rebellion and crushed it. It was then when Phillip II let Alexander settle his first town, Alexandropolis. Alexander also had an interest in medicine. The battle of Chaeronea was the first major battle Alexander fought in which took place August 4,338 B.C during Phillip II's rule. .
             In early 336 B.C., Phillip II was assassinated at his daughters wedding. When Phillip II died, Alexander found his new empire in disorder. He had enemies all over, in home and abroad. Many people were dissatisfied and so they threatened rebellion. To solve the problem, Alexander killed everyone posing a threat. This included his younger half-brother, but not his older one. Granicus was the fist major battle during Alexander's rule. In May 323 B.C. Alexander became ill after a party. He died in June. He was 32 when he died. His death was caused by either malaria, fever, or a combination of the two. Alexander was buried in Alexandria, Egypt. His body was placed in a gold coffin in a beautiful tomb. After Alexanders death his empire quickly fell apart. .

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