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             Being a teenager in 2075 is not as easy as you might think. Every morning I wake up to the buzz of my alarmclock. My alarm clock does much more then just the annoying buzzing sound. If I don't get out of bed five minutes after my alarm goes off it makes my bed fold up. So I either wake up or lose the bed. Sooner or later I end up climbing into my shower. My showers is nice because it have voice activated climate control. So if the water is to cold then I just say?Water warm up five more degrees.?.
             After my shower I head over to my vanity. This isn't any ordinary vanity. By looking at a computer I can choose my hair style and how I would like my make-up that day. As soon as I pick those two things out, which can take a while, I head over to my electronic closet. There I can choose any outfit I want. No matter what it is my electronic closet with make it for me. Even though I can have anything I want I still somehow can never find anything to wear. After I finally choose an outfit I head to my transporter. This machine will transport me to any room in my house with a touch of a button. I press the dining room button and in no time I am stepping into the dining room. In the dining room I find my the Food Maker 5000. The Food Maker 5000 is a very handy thing to have because with another touch of a button any kind of food is made. After I finish eating my breakfast I head off to the transporter again. Here I push the outside of house button then the school button. School is still pretty boring. All I do is sit there and watch a little screen. Every student is given a special virtual reality room just for them. Inside the room is a small set of sunglasses or what appear to be sunglasses. When you put on these special sunglasses a computer screen turns on within the lenses. This computer projects tiny images over the screen very fast. The information is sent through my brain in pictures. The information is sent to my brain so fast that I can not comprehend the knowledge right away.

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