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Turn of the Screw, The-Construction of story

            The Construction of "The Turn of the Screw- by Henry James is very purposeful because it works to keep the reader engaged and curious about what will happen in the story. Unfortunately the reader never does get to satisfy his curiosity. Literature is supposed to be an organized pattern in which the story is laid out, even if it does not always seem to be like that. Henry James organized his book in a usual way that revealed an overall theme in the end. This construction must harmonize with the characters, theme, and of course the crisis. James did harmonize the above with his construction to reveal a moral that works almost anywhere. He conveyed this theme in a way that kept the reader amused so that they would keep reading. .
             The construction of a story should be organized to fit the needs of the story. It should have a pattern for the protagonist and harmonize with the characters and theme. Some stories do not seem to be very organized, for example, Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughter-House-Five- did not seem to be organized, but Vonnegut organized the structure using time. Therefore all good stories have an organized construction. James organized his book in a basic way, but added suspense to the equation. He chose a protagonist, the governess, gave her a goal, to protect the children, then a twist, her selfishness made her not protect the children, which was also the crisis, and then he ended the story with a death that did not answer the reader's questions. He left it to them to decide if the children were really bad, if the governess was crazy, if it was her fault or the ghost's fault that the child died. The questions that the reader would assume would be answered by the end added suspense to the story if it had not, the reader might not go on because the story gets confusing at times and I would go as far to say somewhat boring. James, though, manifested a good way to keep the reader interested in what was happening.

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