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Job Duties

            In the Army, there is a rule that is in place that disallows dating between an .
             This has no regards to time in service, age or prior .
             relationships before serving in the military. This has caused some people to either stop dating or get married. A married couple is exempt from the rule but is highly discouraged between the two. This rule has upset many that find no real ethical grounds for it to be put into place. There are utilitarian and deontological issues that arise from this rule.
             The utilitarian consideration is that there are clear lines of authority by use of rank structure. The structure provides that when an order is given by a higher ranking person it should be followed immediately provided it is lawful. Ultimately, some orders may undesirable to be carried out by the lower ranking soldier. If there is a personal relationship between the higher and lower ranking person their may be tension and questioning of the order based on that relationship that disrupts the proper handling of situations. There may also be a tendency for the higher ranked person not to give that person any undesirable commands. Others may see this show of favoritism and it would cause a riff in unit cohesion. .
             Next, there are the deontological considerations to look at. People may not be able to help falling in love with someone. Love has no regards to the rank of a person. The couple may have also had a prior relationship. Also, some feel that if they are not dating a person that has daily direct supervision over them it should not matter if they date. It is their private lives and should not be forced to marry if they want to be in a relationship.

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