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            Meaning of sports: Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.
             Sports have had a resent uprise mostly because of the players competitive nature, it makes the game more entertaining when players are trying to beat there own records, some people may say that competition is a bad thing but without competition there would be no interest in the sport it would be so boring the players would have no real reason to play at there best, Players are also training harder and more often to get to be the best, this also helps them play better so they can get some sponsor ships helping them get some more money thrown into there already large bank accounts, without some competitive nature sports would not exist. Competitive nature helps you get more into shape this helps increase there stamina, and doing sports get you out of your house and get fit.
             It is also a great way to meet people, friends that you will keep for along time and get memories that will last a life time, and it's just a bit of fun, it also helps you build some good sportsmanship, this is very important with help to build up people skills.
             Sport star have had healthy competition has made sports very popular but I think the media has also helped a lot in this showing coverage of all the highlights of the sports on the television and the news paper which makes it very easy for people to keep up with what's happening in the sport world.
             Sports also keep a lot of people entertained, and gives people goals to be like these sport stars the see on television, so they go out with there parents, so it gives parents and there children something to do together. .
             The T.A.B uses sports to get people to make beats, so it keeps them in a job, but the down side is that people place to much of a large bet and the loose all there money.

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