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Disadvantages of Competition in the Educational Setting

            Competition is bad in the educational setting. The effects of competition in the educational setting have deteriorated the learning process and need to be addressed. When it comes to competition, there are more open arms to accept it than not and the conventional support ascribed have yet to fade. Even the most concerned with this issue accept it joyfully, ignorantly. All views justifying competition in the educational setting show no relative differences. All hold that when students are immersed in competition, they tend to perform better. That being number one has been reiterated several times to the hearing of students, carrying them away by the need of same that they do whatever is at their disposal to be winners. As Alfie Kohn communicated in 'The case against competition', they continue to insist that there is 'healthy competition' and that it could be fun, (Kohn, 1987). That they can win, but only through the failure of others. Several instances of pressure to win at all cost, both direct and indirect, overshadow students in the academic setting. But is this necessary? Researches in Psychology, education and sociology have shown that competition in the educational setting is needless. This article aims to prove competition is bad in the educational setting by looking into some of these researches, outlining and analysing some effects of competition and propose a solution in the end. .
             Competition is the birth place of hostility. By definition, competition is a contest in which a party strives to gain advantage over another. This means that everyone in a competitive condition (the students in this case) sees his or her colleagues as hindrances to a coveted success. .
             Usually, they will want to surmount these 'hindrances' by all means to be top. Consequently, leading to hatred, envy, rivalry and suspicion of just about anyone. Competition has little or no value to education.

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