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Online Learning in the Information Age

            A world of success, fame, and fortune awaits those who go through society's rite of passage: education. Face-to-face learning is adopted in a traditional classroom where the teacher is the mode of instruction. It is a two-sided approach where teachers and students meet in person for a certain duration of time and the classroom is provided as the setting for them to engage in discussion. Face-to-face learning is generally trusted as the best portal to gain knowledge since time immemorial. Even so, teaching and learning process has been profoundly influenced by the universal access to information. The Internet plays a vital role for the advancement and development of education. The Internet, a colossal network of computers from all over the world that is connected by cable and satellites, is able to put one in a position that is a step above the rest. With the Internet, education is no longer the domain of the elite as the information available on World Wide Web is available freely to anyone who knows how to use the Internet. Hence, online learning becomes a new trend for the students nowadays. It becomes a pathway to provide educational information via computer network as an alternative to a physical classroom in a campus or a school. There are various types of applications designed for online learning and these applications are normally used to download educational contents such as lecture notes or tutorial questions. In this digital world, online learning is open for everyone especially for those who are doing it alongside work or other social responsibility. However, the concern raised with online learning is in regards to the efficiency of this method compared to face-to-face learning. Therefore, the flexibility, diversified learning, reduction of expenses and lifelong learning are concerned as the advantages while no human interaction, the need of additional time, limitations of accessibility and technology serves as the disadvantages of online learning.

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