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Online Literacy Programs and Public Schools

            I often browse the internet and go to several social media sites to check out what new, what currently happening and check out any news about my friends. Sometimes I use the internet to read books online which practically same as reading in the old fashion with real books. This is currently the technological age in which almost everything is done through a computer and the internet from simple task up to a more complicated work that has a global impact. Technologies have been a great in making our work much easier compared before, it would make household chores a breeze, making transactions in every parts of the globe so easy like going to a nearby store, and technology had a great influence in the current education today. .
             There is information that can be learning in the internet, news from all around can easily be seen by a touch of a finger. But not all information can be seen in the internet can be considered true and legitimate, there are so many hoax and false information upload by many people in order to deceive other people. This could a possibility why sometimes education through internet are often not preferred by most school, but there are what we called E-Books in which can be used just like any other published books or textbook but with the use of the internet and other medium or gadgets such tablet, phablets and smart phones. Some examples are Amazon's Kindle, Sony Reader, Border's Kobo, and Barnes and Noble's books. Currently this is becoming more and more popular especially in the young generation which could probably in the future make books Obsolete. But as of now there is still continuous debate if these digital books displayed on different gadgets can replace a real textbook in schools (Cancio, 2014). .
             It is true that E-books or E-readers are very handy, they practical in every way especially to those people who read a lot of books, and those who are on the go and travelers, this is a very convenient device to read books wherever you are.

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