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Process of Passing a Volleyball

            When a person wishes to learn something, they usually go right to the source or extract the data on how to do that something from a book. One activity that is growing in popularity throughout the United States is the sport of Volleyball. Volleyball contains three complicated steps, passing, setting and spiking which are necessary to play the sport. The most complicated step and the step that every player must know is that of passing. When one starts out playing the game, the most important step that is taught is the basic stance, and the art of passing. The art of passing has three main components in itself. These components consist of the stance, the hand and arm positioning, and the body movement needed to pass the ball to the setter.
             The first aspect that all people have to understand in order to play the game is stance to move around the court. First stand up straight feet spread shoulder width apart and arms down at your side. Next, bend your knees signifigantly. Now, depending if your left handed or right handed, place the foot of the cooresponding hand about six inches in front of the other foot still shoulder width apart. Next, put your arms out in front of you with your palms up like your going to grab someones ass. At this point, it is a little uncomfortable because your not used to this particular stance. But to make yourself more comfortable, slowly bend forward with the upper part of your body until you have the feeling that you are about to fall over. Now right when your in this part of the process, lift the heels of your feet of the ground so that you are balancing yourself on what are called the "balls" of your feet. This is the basic stance that every person who plays the sport learns. .
             Next is the proper positioning of the arms when the ball is approaching you so you can make a proper pass. When you are in the stance, your arms are out in front of you palms up like your going to grab yourself someones ass.

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