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Jumpers Knee

             Prevalence of Jumper's knee in volleyball players.
             Specific rehabilitation protocols recommended.
             Many injuries occur every day, and a common injury is Jumper's Knee. Jumper's Knee is another name for patellar tendonitis. This injury is the inflammation of the patellar tendon. Inflammation can also occur in the quadriceps tendon. The quadriceps tendon is where the quadriceps muscles come together and inserts on the superior aspect of the patella. The patellar tendon connects the patella to the tibia. The exact anatomy will be looked at in more depth later in the paper. Information about the causes and symptoms of Jumper's Knee, the prevalence this injury has to volleyball players, medical interventions, and the rehabilitation will also be addressed. .
             There are many mechanisms that can result in patellar tendonitis. The most common mechanism is constant repetitive jumping. Accelerating to the jump, decelerating before the jump, and landing after the jump are all factors that can cause the inflammation (Roy & Irvin, 1983,p. 342). Other mechanisms include sudden or repetitive eccentric knee extension. The forceful extension may initiate the inflammation and that can lead to the patellar tendon degeneration (Arnheim & Prentice, 2000, p.533). Small tears that develop from the repetitive trauma to the area usually cause the pain that is felt (http://www.lipscombclinc.com). Putting unequal loads on the extensor tendon, performing forceful contractions of the quadriceps, performing squats with heavy weights, or even a direct hit to the area are all forces that can lead to the tendonitis (Starkey & Ryan, 2002, p.260). Having a longer playing season and longer practices could cause the inflammation. If an athlete has been inactive for a while, and then increases their practice load the overuse of jumping, running, or kicking can have an overload on the tendon. Sometimes the mechanisms can not be avoided, as with having malalignment of the patella.

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