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             In track and field, injuries are a major aspect that can affect a team greatly. Tendonitis is an inflammatory condition characterized by pain at points in the body that contain tendons. Tendonitis is caused mainly by overuse and inflammation is chronic. Tendonitis can occur in the elbows, fingers, wrists, kneecap, and ankles. Tendonitis is one of the many aspects in track that can affect and athlete and the team. What exactly are tendons and tendonitis and how can tendonitis form, be prevented, and be treated?.
             Tendons are tough, flexible bands of fibrous tissue. The tendon is the structure in your body that connects your muscles to the bones. The skeletal muscles in your body are responsible for moving your bones, thus enabling you to walk, jump, lift, and move in many ways. When a muscle contracts it pulls on a bone to cause movements. The structure that transmits the force of the muscle contraction to the bone is called a tendon. Tendons come in many shapes and sizes. Some are very small, like the ones that cause movements of your fingers, and some are much larger, such as your Achilles tendon in your heel. When functioning normally, these tendons glide easily and smoothly as the muscle contracts. These tendons are extremely important for the body's movement and other functions.
             Tendonitis is an inflammation of a tendon, usually caused by repetitive minor trauma. It is created by a lot of tiny strains within the tendon, and then your body attacks the injured area with inflammatory cells. Most commonly, the tendonitis will occur right where the tendon attaches to bone, or where it wraps around a bone or joint. A tendon is the strong, white fibrous tissues that connect muscles to bones. Tendonitis is one of the common causes of acute pain in the shoulder and can occur after an injury, or as a result of one movement repeated over and over. Some of the common symptoms are a sharp or achy pain, tenderness and swelling, restricted movement in the area surrounding the injury, or weakness in the arm or leg due to pain.

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