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Sexism Goes Beyond The Workforce And Onto The Field (Knee Injuries)

             However, why do soccer players "specifically women, have so many knee problems? Soccer is a contact sport and many reasons, such as anatomical differences and athletic tendencies have proved to create injuries- major and minor. The injuries most common are strains, sprains, and fractures. The game entails many risks such as freak accidents or biologically resolute incidents. It is up to the player if he or she is willing to take these risks, and most people do.
             When someone hobbles down the hall with crutches, it can be assumed that something is wrong. When you inquire about the injury, will you know what they mean by a meniscal tear, or a sprain? It all can be very confusing, but it can be learned. Sprains are stretched ligaments. In serious cases the ligament can be torn completely away from the bone. "Common knee sprains involve the ACL and MCL, but any knee ligament can be injured- (Shah). The ACL is also known as the anterior cruciate ligament. It spans from the front of the tibia (the larger shin bone) to the back of the femur (the thigh bone). Its purpose is to stabilize and prevent hyperextension (extending more than the regular range of motion). The MCL is best known as the medial collateral ligament. It makes sure that the knee does not extend to the outside. Strains are different than sprains in that it is a tendon or muscle that is stretched or torn. Both sprains and strains occur often and require the RICE method of treatment (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). Tendonitis is another common injury. When overused, the tendon becomes irritated and is very painful. However, players can usually play with tendonitis. Icing is required afterward and the player needs to get adequate rest between playing sessions. Meniscal tears can vary from a minor injury to a major occurrence in an athlete's career. The meniscus affects lateral movement and prevents hyperextension.

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